Hertz 24/7 Prices in Australia

IMPORTANT NOTE - Please note that as of August 10th 2017 these rates will no longer be applicable. Members who join from the 10th August 2017 will sign up with Flexicar and will be on the below rates. For information on Flexicars rates and membership visit flexicar.com.au/rates

For casual driving in Melbourne, Flexicar has the best deals in town: no joining fees or monthly fees, just a once-a-year $49 membership fee which includes comprehensive damage cover and roadside assist. Every hourly Flexicar booking includes unlimited kms and the optional $0 excess damage-cover is perfect for extra peace of mind.  Rates on our casual, no-commitment Intro plan start at $13.50 per hour all-inclusive for our brand new discount cars (like the Suzuki Swift). To get even cheaper hourly and daily rates choose one of the prepaid credit plans: Light, Moderate or Regular.

Intro: Perfect when you’re a first time carsharer wanting to give it a try, a commitment-phobe or you’re just unsure how often you’ll drive.

Our Intro plan is the perfect ‘no-commitment’ option with no prepaid credit, no joining fee or monthly fees and if you decide it’s not right for you, there are no plan change or cancellation costs.

Light: Perfect when you use public transport, enjoy taking a trip or two and want a car to do your weekly shop.

Moderate: Perfect when you’re a weekend tripper, need a second car for work or to drop the kids off at school.

Regular: Perfect when you’re always on the road, whether for work or fun, and need the best value for money.

Check the Special Offers page for current deals on joining (and driving!) Flexicar

*Hourly and Daily rates quoted are rates for economy cars like the Suzuki Swift. Standard Hatch and Sedan (e.g. Hyundai i30 or Corolla) cost $1 more per hour or $10 more a day than economy cars, prestige hatch (e.g Audi A3) costs $4 more per hour or $30 more per day than economy cars and prestige SUV (e.g. Audi A5) cost $5 more per hour or $40 more a day. Overnight bookings between 11pm and 7am are charged at a special rate but are considered daily bookings and therefore will be charged with a kilometre allowance depending on the plan.

Sydney Cost
Joining fee None
Annual membership fee $49
Credit pre-purchase per month None
Hourly rate from $13.50* on an intro plan
Daily rate (economy cars) from $79* on an intro plan
Driving included hourly bookings Unlimited
Driving included daily bookings 100km per day
Additional driving $0.39 per km

* All rates are GST inclusive.

Damage-Cover Cost
Standard cover excess for drivers 25 and older with a valid Australian drivers licence for the past three years $1,200
Additional cover reduced excess (surcharges apply: $2hr/$20day) $0
Drivers aged 25 and under $1,500
Drivers aged 18-21. (Surcharges of $2hr/$20day apply for young drivers and there is no reduction possible to the damage cover excess) $3,000
Commercial Damage Cover Excess $3,000
Student Damage Cover Excess $3,000