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Hertz 24/7 is now Flexicar

Hertz 24/7 is rebranding to Flexicar! 

We’ve almost completed our change over from Hertz 24/7 branded cars to Flexicar. This isn’t just a change of colour though - we’ve also added more than 50 brand new vehicles into the Sydney fleet to replace some of our tired and older ones. From shiny new Corollas to brand new XTrails, there’s bound to be a Flexicar to suit your needs!  

There are some important points that you need to be aware of for the change, the most important being that the way you lock and unlock your car has changed. Read on for more!

Hertz 24/7 currently works alongside our sister brand, Flexicar, operating in Melbourne since 2004. Flexicar has a strong and loyal membership base and over 300 vehicles available to book around inner-city areas in Melbourne.

Flexicar has recently migrated to the specialised PIN Pad technology you’re used to. This move has meant that you’re able to use your existing Hertz 24/7 membership on any Flexicar in Melbourne without having to pay additional membership fees or sign up to any new plans.

Since the migration has meant the systems and technology are the same, we’re making the move to re brand the Hertz 24/7 fleet in Sydney to Flexicar. One platform will mean an easier service with more streamlined communications and usability for our members, nationally.

There are some important points that you’ll need to be aware of for the change and we have listed them below. If you have any questions or concerns about the change please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly Member Care Team at

With Flexicar, you use the car keys to lock and unlock the car throughout your booking.

If you get to your car and it’s now branded Flexicar, remember that you’ll now use the PIN pad to start and end your booking only. Throughout your booking, you take the keys with you, just as if it were your own car. Use your PIN Pad to end your booking and leave the keys in the pocket of the drivers side door.

You will still be able to use your existing Hertz 24/7 booking platform and app if you would prefer. 

Some features will work better on the Flexicar booking platform; for example, the Pods on Sale feature. You’ll still be able to book both Melbourne and Sydney cars via the existing 24/7 apps, but we recommend you make the switch across to Flexicar and check it out. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, too.

Your plan will not change

We won’t sugarcoat it - the Flexicar plans are different to Hertz 24/7. Hertz 24/7 has been around in Sydney for 5 years and throughout that time we have experienced significant growth while maintaining our low rates. To continue to be able to provide the service you’re used to our plan pricing has had to be evaluated. The good news is that as our loyal members you won’t have to change your plan and you’ll still get the great pricing you’re used to. Just remember that if you change your plan to a different Flexicar plan you won’t be able to return to the original Hertz 24/7 plan.

Some features will work better on the Flexicar booking page

If you want to grab a deal with Pods on Sale, you’ll need to do this through Flexicar.

We’re sad about the move from Hertz 24/7, but excited about being able to show you the great things that we have in store for Flexicar. We’re still the same team and you’ll still chat to the same people if you need to call and the level of great service you currently experience will not change. If you have any questions or concerns make sure you email the friendly Member Care Team at and they’ll be available to assist.