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Hertz 24/7

Hertz 24/7 couldn’t be simpler - you’ll enjoy the luxury of having a car without the costs and hassles of owning one!

With no joining fee, monthly fees or annual membership fees and your choice of casual pay-as-you-go or money saving monthly driving plans, you’ll only pay for a car when you use it so you can get on the road and save money at the same time.

Members can book vehicles from one hour up to three days. You’ll get 24/7 access to cars that live near where you live and work.

Across Australia, more and more drivers are choosing car sharing as the smart, savvy way to get around. It’s a cheap, convenient and sustainable alternative to owning your own car. It’s helped thousands of people around the world, just like you, save time and money.

Get where you’re going at your own pace for less with Hertz 24/7.

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Hertz 24/7 Prices in Australia

Hertz 24/7’s casual prices mean no monthly commitments, no joining fees, no annual fees. Just simple, cheap, all-inclusive hourly and daily driving rates. 

Unlimited kms are included with all hourly bookings (less than 8hrs). Daily bookings (any booking that is longer than 8 hours up to 5 days) include 350kms of driving; additional kilometres will be charged at $0.39 per kilometre.

Contact our Customer Care Centre to enquire about our additional protection cover and reduce your damage-cover excess to $300 (not available for drivers under 21)

Sydney Cost
Joining fee None
Monthly fees None
Annual fees None
Credit pre-purchase per month None
Hourly rate (economy cars) $9.90
Hourly rate (compact cars) $10.90
Hourly rate (SUV & Sedan) $11.50
Hourly rate (Prestige hatch) $14.90
Hourly rate (Vans) $14.90
Hourly rate (Prestige SUV) $15.90
Daily rate (economy cars) $75
Daily rate (compact cars) $80
Daily rate (SUV & Sedan) $88
Daily rate (Prestige hatch) $95
Daily rate (Vans) $95
Daily rate (Prestige SUV) $100
Driving included hourly bookings (< 8hrs) Unlimited
Driving included daily bookings (> 8hrs) 350kms per booking, not per day of booking
Additional driving $0.39 per km

* All rates are GST inclusive.

Damage-Cover Cost
Standard cover excess for drivers 25 and older with a valid Australian drivers licence for the past three years $2,000
Drivers 25 and older with a valid foreign drivers licence or a valid Australian licence for less than three years $2,500
Additional cover reduced excess (surcharges apply: $2hr/$20day) $300
Drivers aged 25 and under $3,000
Drivers aged 18-21. (Surcharges of $2hr/$20day apply for young drivers and there is no reduction possible to the damage cover excess) $3,000

Competitor Rates

Hertz 24/7 vs Competition
  Hertz 24/7 Leading Competitor
Hertz 24/7: casual, no commitment, free to join Casual user plan
Joining Fee None $49
Security Deposit None $500 credit card pre-authorisation
Annual Fees None None
Monthly Fees None None
Included kms per hourly booking (less than 8 hours) Unlimited None: charged at $0.40 per km from the first km driven
Included kms per daily booking 350kms per booking 150kms per day
Cost per km for hourly bookings Hourly bookings include unlimited free kms $0.40 per km from the first km driven
Economy car cost per hour $9.90 for a economy hatchback with unlimited kms included for free $9.90 for an economy hatchback plus $0.40 for every km
Premium car cost per hour $11.50 for an SUV with unlimited free kms with every hourly booking $13.90 for a premium car plus $0.40 for every km
Economy car cost per day $80 for a hatchback with 350kms included per booking $81 for an economy car with 150kms included
Economy car cost per day $88 for an SUV with 350kms included per booking $89 for a premium car with 150kms included
Excess kms for daily bookings $0.39 per km $0.25 per km

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We're excited to announce that we've got two brand new pods! A new Corolla and a new Qashqai have been added to our fleet and are located at the following spots: - Pitt St Redfern - the Corolla located on the corner of Cleveland St next to the Australia Post head office - 1 Danks St in Waterloo - the new Qashqai has moved in at the corner of Young St just outside the Hillsong church Check them out and make a booking today!Mar 13

We've got some great news right in time for the holidays! We've launched THREE brand new locations and added an additional pod to an existing location. All of these pods have brand new cars which are either standard (i30) or SUV (ASX). - A Hyundai i30 has been added as a second spot at Riley St in Darlinghurst which is right outside the Hertz Downtown location on the corner of William St. - A Hyundai i30 is in a brand new location at O'Connor St in Chippendale in the Central Park complex, corner of Carlton St. - A Mitsubishi ASX has been added in a new pod at Victoria St Potts Point, out front of the Kings Cross station exit. - Another Mitsubishi ASX is in its new location at Rothschild Ave in Roseberry, at the corner of Epsom Rd. So if you're after a car to take you out and about for the holiday period, check out one of these shiny new models for your trip!Dec 18

Hugely disappointed with the service. It's happened the second time in a row when the car doesn't unlock either with pin or the key fob in the St leonards (forum) car park. The customer service doesn't seem to have enough tools to support/troubleshoot such issues. Worst part is that the car park doesn't have mobile network so if there is a problem the customer will keep running around to the ground floor to make a call. My parents had to wait for a long time at the airport due to this mishap. Also I wasted a lot of time and money on train and taxi. This needs to get escalated so that others don't suffer. Res Id 3631873Nov 03

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